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The Glorious Dead, ATKINSON Tim

The Glorious Dead, ATKINSON Tim

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What happened when the Great War ended and the guns stopped firing? Who cleared the battlefields and buried the dead?

It's 1918 and the war may be over but Lance-Corporal Jack Patterson and the men of his platoon are still knee-deep in Flanders mud, searching the battlefields for the remains of comrades killed in action.

But duty isn't all that's keeping Jack in Flanders. For one there is Katia, the daughter of a local publican, with whom he has struck up a romance. And then there is something else, a secret that lies buried in Jack's past, one he hopes isn't about to be dug up...

'An interesting read on an almost forgotten aspect of the First World War' Martin Middlebrook, author of The First Day on the Somme

'A powerful subject tackled with energy and skill' Ian McMillan

'Tim Atkinson highlights the monumental effort made to ensure the memory and sacrifice of those who died in the First World War was not forgotten' Colonel Iain Standen, CEO of Bletchley Park Trust