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St Botolph's Church, Boston. A Scrapbook.

St Botolph's Church, Boston. A Scrapbook.


St Botolph's Church, A Scrapbook, gives you a fascinating insight into social activity of our wonderful Church created from the Parish Magazines from 1921 to 2000. 


Created by parishioner and long-time member of St Botolph's choir, Richard Barrett, the initiation for this collection was a desire to view a list of clergy who had been in post from the 1970' to 2000. Such detail was not available from the Parish Office. It came to mind that the Parish magazines might well provide the information and so a search began. 


The resultant list has been compiled from this source, although the dates should be taken as an indication and not guaranteed due to the nature or infrequency of such details in the magazines. 


Unfortunately glancing at the pages distracted Richard from his purpose as other entries caught his eye. This collection of clips is the result. However, again, the dates shown may not be accurate as they are likely to indicate when the item appeared in the magazine, rather than when the event occurred.